Makassar New Port 1A

Makassar, South Sulawesi – Indonesia.

The city of Makassar is planned to be a central city for East Indonesia. At that moment the existing port needs to expand to support the logistics transport. To execute this project Pelindo IV as an Indonesian Port Authority was planned to build the new port on a newly reclaimed island 2 km from the coast of Makassar, this port will have the 16 m depth for handle Big Cargo ship. This port will become the biggest for east Indonesian. For this 1A phase, we do for the first 500-meter length, Total will be a 1,5 km. 2 unit BG 28 was utilized to execute this project. The new island was reclaimed with sand and the piling works consist of the bored pile with diameter 880 mm and 1180mm, Secant pile with diameter 1180 mm for a port quay wall, with average drill length is 28 m from ground level. The double-wall casing was being used for this new island project.


Construction period:

November 2017 – May 2018