Pondok Indah Mall & Office Tower 3

Jakarta – Indonesia

PT.Metropolitan Kentjana is a well-known name for successful development of wealth and convenience area in Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. A long time client of BAUER Pratama Indonesia they entrust BAUER to carry out foundation work for Pondok Indah Mall 3 & Office Tower Project after BAUER satisfactorily completed the Pondok Indah Kartika Apartment project. Pondok Indah Mall 3 & Office Tower is a part of simultaneous development in an integrated complex for a shopping mall, office tower, hotel, and other commercial building. This project consists of 2 towers and 1 mall which will be connected to the previous  Pondok Indah Mall 1 & 2, Pondok Indah Hotel, Pondok Indah Residence and Pondok Indah Office Tower. As designed for the previous phase, this building will also use secant pile wall diameter 880 mm and 1180 mm as retaining wall and bored piles of diameter 1000mm and 1200 mm. The designed length for secant piles wall was 22m, and 45 – 50 m for bored piles. This sub-structure was designed by reputable structure engineer, David Sukamta & Partners. Two drilling machines of BG 30 and BG 14 were involved in this project and polymer was used for borehole slurry for bored piles. 18 – 21 m double-wall casing was used to encase the secant pile wall drilling process. And 11 nos kingpost for a temporary bridge to connect from Pondok Indah Office Tower to Mall 2 was also installed.


Construction Period:

September 2016 – January 2018